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Single Billet Heating Furnace With Hot Log Shear
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Single Billet Heating Furnace With Hot Log Shear

The single billet heating furnace with hot log shear is used to recycle aluminum scrap to make new billet. With its reasonable furnace structure, good seal and insulation and high efficiency, this machine makes quality billet with proper length according to actual needs.

Techinical information
Billet length: 6-8m
Billet diameter: φ70-φ406mm
Fuel: natural gas, LPG and coal, etc.
Heating temperature: 450-520℃
Production rate: 90-200 second/time
Control system: imported PLC, touch screen control, man-machine interface, long-distance control and technical update
Energy consumption: 11-14m3/ton (LPG for reference)
Supporting equipment: extrusion press, hot shear (vertical or horizontal type)
Strengths: increase yield by 5-8%, save energy by 25%.

The single billet heating furnace with hot log shear matches with the extrusion machine and the billet length is adjustable at any time.

Technical Parameters

Aluminum Rod Dia. (mm) φ114 φ178 φ228 φ305
External Size (mm) 2100×480×260 2200×490×260 2500×500×270 2600×500×270
Aluminum Rod Length (mm) 6000-8000
Preheated Section Length (mm) 4000 (max. temperature 200℃)
Heated Section Length (mm) A. 2700-6900 (temperature in 4 zones: 200℃-580℃) B. 1500-2400 (temperature in 2 zones: 200℃-580℃)
Fuel Heat Value (kcal/m3) LPG: 22000
Natural gas: 8500
Coal: 1200
Gas Supply Pressure (kpa) 60-80
Rising Surface Temperature (℃) 15℃ above room temperature
Burning Capacity of Natural Gas (m3/h) Max. 40 70 96 118
Min. 16 20 24 31
Burning Capacity of LPG (m3/h) Max. 13 25 37 45
Min. 6 8 17 19
Consumption for Continuous Production (m3/ton) Natural gas: 28-40
LPG: 11-18
Temperature Control Full automatic heating control
Initial Heating Period (min.) 20
Shear Length (mm) 250-500 250-750 350-800 350-1000
Max. Shear Capacity (ton) 76 123 170 251
Max. Shear Pressure (kg/cm2) 200
Shear Length Tolerance (mm) ±2 ±3
Total Power (kw) 33 52 86 91
High Pressure Pair Vane Pump (set) 2
Stock Rack and Transmission By gear motor with duplex chain
Feeding Station and Transmission By hydraulic motor with duplex chain and gearbox
Operation Mode Manual/ travel automatic/automatic
Motor Input Voltage 380V AC
Control Box Input Voltage 220V AC/24V DC
Electro-magnetic Valve 220V AC
Control Signal 24V DC
Power Frequency (Hz) 50
Speed of Cooling Water (L/min.) 50
Pressure of Cooling Water (kg/cm2) 1.5
Max. Water Temperature (℃) 30
Volume of Hydraulic Oil (L) 600 800 900

Note: The technical parameters above are only for your reference. Finalized details are subject to final contract.

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