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Short Billet Heating Furnace

The short billet heating furnace applies to billet heating in non-uniform temperature. The heating area is divided into two or three zones. The chamber length ranges from 8 to 12 meters. Diverse fuel choices (electricity/oil/gas) serve your actual needs better.

Technical Parameters

Model No. Matched Extrusion Press Power (ton) Max. Temp. (℃) Fuel Heating Zone (pcs) Chamber Size L × W× H (mm) Billet Dia. (mm) Weight (ton)
ALM-LB-D3080 500-600 550 electricity 3 8000×500×270 φ89-127 10
ALM-LB-D 3090 500-800 550 electricity 3 9000×500×270 φ89-127 11
ALM-LB-Y 2080 500-600 550 oil 2 8000×500×270 φ127 14
ALM-LB-Q 3085 600-800 580 gas 3 8500×500×270 φ127 15
ALM-LB-Q 3100 800-1200 580 gas 3 10000×600×270 φ127 16
ALM-LB-D 3100 1200 580 electricity 3 10000×600×270 φ127 13
ALM-LB-Y 3085 500-800 580 oil 3 8500×500×270 φ127 15
ALM-LB-Y 3090 600-800 580 oil 3 9000×500×270 φ127 16
ALM-LB-Y 3100 800-1200 580 oil 3 10000×600×270 φ127 16
ALM-LB-Y 3120 1250 580 oil 3 12000×700×360 φ152-172 20

Note: The technical parameters above are only for your reference. Finalized details are subject to final contract.

Thanks for visiting our website. This page introduces you to our short billet heating furnace. As a professional aluminium billet heating furnace manufacturer based in China, we are dedicated to supplying quality products to clients all over the world. In order to satisfy customers different demands, we also offer aluminium melting furnace, vacuum varying pressure nitriding furnace, dust collector for melting furnace, to name a few. Located in Foshan City, we have very convenient sea, land and air transportation, enabling us to deliver our products very promptly and very economically. Please feel free to contact us for more product information. We look forward to serving you.

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