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Aluminium Annealing Furnace
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Aluminium Annealing Furnace

1. The aluminium annealing furnace applies to the annealing of finished and semi-finished aluminum sheet or foil.
2. Fast heating: strong air-circulation makes rapid heat-transfer from heater to aluminum coil, providing fast heating.
3. Uniform temperature: when temperature is under 650℃, heat transfer is mainly by convection. This aluminium annealing furnace transfers heat from heater to aluminum coil through hot air circulation. Strong air circulation heats both sides of the aluminum coil and makes its inner temperature the same as the external within a short time.
4. Stable quality: blower frequency control device keeps temperature uniformity in the furnace within ±3℃, which reduces operational cost by 20%, and annealing cycle by 1/3, compared to the traditional annealing furnace.

Technical Parameters

Model No. Chamber Size L × W × H (mm) Load Capacity (ton) Charging Car (pcs) Door (pcs) Heating Power (kw) Max. Working Temp. (℃) Temp. Uniformity(℃)
TH-B10 4000*1900*2000 10 1 1 300 450 ±3
TH-B20 6000*1900*2000 20 1 1 600 450 ±3
TH-B30 8000*1900*2000 30 1 1 840 450 ±3
TH-B40 10000*1900*2000 40 1 1 1080 450 ±3
TH-B50 12000*1900*2000 50 1 1 1450 450 ±3
TH-B60 13000*1900*2000 60 1 1 1800 450 ±3
TH-X10 6000*1900*1600 10 1 1/2 400 450 ±3
TH-X20 8000*1900*1800 20 1 1/2 650 450 ±3
TH-X30 10000*2000*2300 30 1 1/2 900 450 ±3
TH-X40 12000*2100*2300 40 1 1/2 1200 450 ±3

Note: The technical parameters above are only for your reference. Finalized details are subject to final contract.

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