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Vacuum Varying Pressure Nitriding Furnace

Vacuum varying pressure Nitriding furnace has been sold in 50 countries in the world, each year, our production ability is 250 sets.
Vacuum varying pressure nitriding furnace recycle time as follows:
Vacuum varying pressure nitriding furnace delivery period is 45 days, supplier will provide all the relevant parts. Customer only needs to provide power and high purity ammonia.
Local installation is 10 days.

1. High penetrating rate: Heat holds 8-10 hours, penetrating layer is 0.14-0.18mm, and bright white layer is 0.006-0.01mm.
2. It has a high surface hardness of HV1,000-1,200
3. The vacuum varying pressure nitriding furnace offers big load capacity and low cost for heat-treatment. Low vacuum varying pressure technology is used in the nitriding process. Fresh air reaches every corner of the inner furnace tank and provides drastically increased load capacity. As the furnace has excellent sealing and heat-insulating properties, it can largely reduce the cost for treatment.
4. It features small surface friction coefficient
5. It has low brittleness.
6. It features a stable performance. With uniform and controllable atmosphere and temperature inside furnace, the vacuum varying pressure nitriding furnace ensures stable nitriding and good nitriding effect.

Technical Parameters

Model No. Rated Power (kw) Rated Temp. (℃) Chamber Size Dia. × Height (mm) Temp. Uniformity (℃) Limiting Vacuum (MPa) Heating-up Time (min.) Load Capacity (kg) Furnace Weight (ton)
ALM-20I 20 650 Ф400×550 ≤±5 -0.08 ≤80 160 1.6
ALM-30I 30 650 Ф450×650 ≤±5 -0.08 ≤80 200 2.0
ALM-45I 45 650 Ф550×1000 ≤±5 -0.08 ≤80 400 2.5
ALM-60I 60 650 Ф650×1200 ≤±5 -0.08 ≤80 800 3.2
ALM-75I 75 650 Ф800×1200 ≤±5 -0.08 ≤80 1200 3.5
ALM-90I 90 650 Ф800×1800 ≤±5 -0.08 ≤80 1600 4.2
ALM-110I 110 650 Ф800×2500 ≤±5 -0.08 ≤80 2200 5.0
ALM-140I 140 650 Ф1000×3500 ≤±5 -0.08 ≤80 3000 6.0
ALM-250I 250 650 Ф1000×5000 ≤±5 -0.08 ≤80 3500 7.5

Note: The technical parameters above are only for your reference. Finalized details are subject to final contract.

ALUMALL MATERIAL AND MACHINE CO., LTD is a professional vacuum varying pressure nitriding furnace manufacturer and supplier based in China. Over the past ten years of dedication, we are able to provide a wide array of high quality products, including aluminium billet heating furnace, aluminium melting furnace, hot top billet casting machine, dust collector for melting furnace, and more. Located in Foshan City, our company has access to convenient air, sea and land transportation. This guarantees lower transportation fees, reduces our production costs and saves customers on shipping charges. If you are interested in any of our furnaces, please feel free to contact us. The staff at ALUMALL MATERIAL AND MACHINE CO., LTD looks forward to working with you.

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