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Extrusion Die Heating Furnace

Furnace type
From furnace structure, Die heating furnace has 2 types: box type and drawer type.
From working efficiency, die heating furnace has fast heating type and traditional type.
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Delivery period: 20 days after receiving deposit payment
Local installation is 2 days.

1. The energy-saving extrusion die heating furnace uses an advanced magnetic-induction-heating method (multivariable, constant-temperature, intelligent control).
2. Electro-magnetic heating is used for dies. The internal and external temperature of dies is uniform when specified heating temperature is reached. This will extend the lifetime of the dies and improve the aluminum surface quality.
3. Energy-saving materials (including refractory brick, insulation fiber cotton etc.) achieve quick heating, good heat preservation and small change of surface temperature.
4. With little oxidation, the die can improve the smooth finish of surface.
5. Short heating time increases capacity.
6. Short heat-preservation-time improves annealing.
7. The circulating blower works stably, with low noise and long use.
8. Furnace gas is mixed and recycled by the circulating blower, which keeps a uniform furnace temperature.
9. PID or step control regulates the furnace temperature.

The extrusion die heating furnace is used for heating and heat preservation for aluminum extrusion dies. The multi-chamber type die heating furnace is usually used to offer thorough heating and higher quality dies.

Technical Parameters

Model No. Die Size Dia. × Thickness (mm) Max. Heating Temp. (℃) Heating (hours) Power in each Chamber (kw) Die Qty in each Chamber (set) Chamber Qty (pcs) Open/Close Mode of Furnace Door Blower Power (kw) Furnace Size L × W (mm)
ALM-MJ-600-2 φ160*100 550 3-4 9 6 2 pneumatic 1.1 2108*1395
ALM-MJ-880-2 φ180*140 550 3-4 15 6 2 pneumatic 1.1 2188*1515
ALM-MJ-1000-3 φ210*140 550 3-4 21 6 3 pneumatic 1.1 3286*1515
ALM-MJ-1250-3 φ220*140 550 3-4 21 6 3 pneumatic 1.1 3386*1515
ALM-MJ-1460-3 φ280*140 550 3-4 24 4 3 pneumatic 1.5 2866*1605
ALM-MJ-1650-4 φ320*160 550 3-4 24 3 4 pneumatic 1.5 3644*1575
ALM-MJ-1800-4 φ330*200 550 3-4 27 3 4 pneumatic 1.5 3704*1695
ALM-MJ-2000-4 φ420*200 550 3-4 30 3 4 pneumatic 1.5 4064*1695
ALM-MJ-2500-4 φ450*200 550 3-4 36 3 4 pneumatic 1.5 4184*1695
ALM-MJ-3300-4 φ550*550 550 3-4 60 2 4 pneumatic 1.5 4664*2215

Note: The technical parameters above are only for your reference. Finalized details are subject to final contract.

With over 14 years of experience in the business, ALUMALL MATERIAL AND MACHINE CO., LTD is a professional extrusion die heating furnace manufacturer, based in China. Since our foundation in 1997, we have aimed to satisfy our global customers by providing a wide range of products, including aluminium melting furnace, homogenizing furnace, aging furnace, vacuum varying pressure nitriding furnace, hot top billet casting machine and aluminium billet heating furnace. Our location in Foshan City gives us easy access to convenient air, land and sea transportation. This keeps our costs down and reduces transportation costs for our customers. Whenever you have a need for any of our products, please feel free to contact us at ALUMALL MATERIAL AND MACHINE CO., LTD.

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