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Dust Collector For Melting Furnace

The pulse type dust collector is an improved high-efficient model based on the bag type dust collector. It eliminates problems like low intensity of dust-cleaning in a separate chamber, uneven distribution of air-in/-out, etc. With stable operation, easy maintenance and long life of the filter bag, the dust collector for melting furnace is highly sought after by customers worldwide.

The filter bag of the dust collector is made of polyester needle felt and the temperature for its continuous use is less than 120℃. The filter bag made of METAMAX high temperature needle felt has a working temperature that can reach 204℃. The dust-collecting efficiency is more than 99.8%.

The pulse type dust collector is used for copper melting furnaces, aluminum casting furnaces, asphalt mixing plants, grinding machines, kiln dust and other dust collection and desulphurization systems.

Technical Parameters

Model No. Filtering Area (m2) Air Volume (m3/h) Dust Density (g/ m3) Filtering Speed (m/min) Resistance (Pa) Efficiency (%) Size L × W × H (mm) Weight (ton) Blower Power (kw)
MC-30 250 25,000-30,000 ≤15 2-3.5 120-150 99.5 6000*3000*8000 15.4
MC-35 292 30,000-35,000 ≤15 2-3.5 120-150 99.5 7000*3000*10000 16
MC-40 333 35,000-40,000 ≤15 2-3.5 120-150 99.5 8000*3000*10000 17.3
MC-45 375 40,000-45,000 ≤15 2-3.5 120-150 99.5 8500*3000*10000 19
MC-50 417 45,000-50,000 ≤15 2-3.5 120-150 99.5 9500*3000*10000 29.6
MC-55 458 50,000-55,000 ≤15 2-3.5 120-150 99.5 9500*3000*9000 21
MC-60 500 55,000-60,000 ≤15 2-3.5 120-150 99.5 10000*3000*9000 22.1
MC-70 583 65,000-70,000 ≤15 2-3.5 120-150 99.5 10000*3000*9000 23.0
MC-75 625 70,000-75,000 ≤15 2-3.5 120-150 99.5 11000*3000*9000 25
MC-80 667 75,000-80,000 ≤15 2-3.5 120-150 99.5 11000*3000*9000 25 160
MC-85 708 80,000-85,000 ≤15 2-3.5 120-150 99.5 12000*3000*9000 28 160

1. The technical parameters above are only for your reference. Finalized details are subject to final contract.
2. The filter bag material uses polyester needle felt, which allows continuous use temperature of ≤120 C. Collecting efficiency is over 99.8%.

As a China-based manufacturer of dust collector for melting furnace, ALUMALL MATERIAL AND MACHINE CO., LTD provides aluminium melting furnace, aluminium billet heating furnace, and aluminium annealing furnace, etc. Located in Foshan City, we have access to convenient air, sea and land transportation. This guarantees lower transportation fees, reduces our production costs and saves customers on shipping charges. If you are interested in any of our furnaces, please feel free to contact us. The staff at ALUMALL MATERIAL AND MACHINE CO., LTD looks forward to working with you.

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