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Achievements and Honors

For Enterprise
2009 Title of High-Tech Enterprise in Guangdong Province
2006 Establishment of Engineering R & D Center in Chancheng District, Foshan
2005 Title of Intellectual Property Model-Enterprise in Foshan
2004 Title of Model-Enterprise for Manufacturing- Informationalization in Foshan
2003 Certificate of Private Scientific and Technological Enterprise in Guangdong Province

For Products
2009 2nd Class of Science- and Technology- Award for Helix Cyclic Semi-Dry Desulfurization and Dusting Technology and Device
2008 Certificate of National Spark Program for Research and Industrialization of High-Efficient Energy-Saving Aluminum Melting Furnace and Dusting and Desulfurization Devices
2008 Science and Technology Award in Foshan (2nd Class in Chancheng District, 3rd Class in Foshan) for High-Efficient Energy-Saving Regenerative Aluminum Melting Furnace
2007 Guangdong Marking Certificate for High-Efficient Energy-Saving Regenerative Aluminum Melting Furnace; Patent Award of Excellence for Heat Treatment in Changcheng District, Foshan
2006 Project Approval Certificate of Innovation Fund for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises for Research, Development and Industrialization of Furnace with Low-Vacuum Varying-Pressure Chemical Heat Treatment
2006 2nd Class of Science and Technology Award in Chancheng District, Foshan for Low-Vacuum Varying-Pressure Carburization Technology
2005 2nd Class of Science and Technology Award in Chancheng District, Foshan for Low-Vacuum Slight- Oxidization Heating Furnace
2004 Certificate of National Key New Product and Guangdong Key New Product for Low-Vacuum Varying-Pressure Furnace (Model No.: ALM-I)
2003 1st Class of Science and Technology Award for Research of Low-Vacuum Varying-Pressure Nitriding Technology.

Main Products
    1. Regenerative Type Aluminium Melting FurnaceThe regenerative type aluminium melting furnace is designed with two regenerative burners. This enables heat storage and release in turns and ensures high-efficient recycling of afterheat from flue gas ...
    1. Homogenizing FurnaceThe homogenizing furnace is used to enhance the quality of aluminum profile products. Internal elements of aluminum billet (e.g. Mg2Si and Fe) will be uniform after treatment. The homogenizing furnace helps save die consumption ...
    1. Multi-Billet Heating Furnace With Hot Log ShearThe multi-billet heating furnace with hot log shear applies to multi-billet in furnace. It has high stability, durability, high efficiency, and is easy to operate and maintain. The heating furnace is very popular with ...
    1. Aluminium Annealing FurnaceThe aluminium annealing furnace applies to the annealing of finished and semi-finished aluminum sheet or foil.
      Fast heating: strong air-circulation makes rapid heat-transfer from heater to ...
    1. Vacuum Varying Pressure Nitriding FurnaceThe vacuum varying pressure nitriding furnace offers big load capacity and low cost for heat-treatment. Low vacuum varying pressure technology is used in the nitriding process. Fresh air reaches every corner of the inner furnace tank ...