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Main Products
    1. Homogenizing FurnaceThe homogenizing furnace is used to enhance the quality of aluminum profile products. Internal elements of aluminum billet (e.g. Mg2Si and Fe) will be uniform after treatment. The homogenizing furnace helps save die consumption ...
    1. Single Billet Heating Furnace With Hot Log ShearThe single billet heating furnace with hot log shear is used to recycle aluminum scrap to make new billet. With its reasonable furnace structure, good seal and insulation and high efficiency, this machine makes ...
    1. Aging Furnace The aging furnace applies to the aging treatment for aluminum profiles to enhance product hardness and the mechanical performance. Each furnace can reach capacity from 2 to 35 tons per time. Oil, gas, coal and electricity can be chosen ...
    1. Aluminium Annealing Furnace
    2. Aluminium Annealing FurnaceThe aluminium annealing furnace applies to the annealing of finished and semi-finished aluminum sheet or foil.
      Fast heating: strong air-circulation makes rapid heat-transfer from heater to ...
    1. Vacuum Varying Pressure Nitriding FurnaceThe vacuum varying pressure nitriding furnace offers big load capacity and low cost for heat-treatment. Low vacuum varying pressure technology is used in the nitriding process. Fresh air reaches every corner of the inner furnace tank ...